Non-GMO: Only nature is at work with us

Non-GMO: Only nature is at work with us

We believe that nothing is better and more delicious than nature. That’s why our 100 tasty varieties of fruits and vegetables, grown in 35 countries across the northern and southern hemispheres, are not genetically modified. We don’t want to improve nature or interfere with it, triggering unpredictable and unintended effects.

We develop our new varieties solely through laborious and time-consuming crossbreeding. This method of hybridization has been used for centuries and is absolutely safe for both humans and the environment.

Our new varieties, for example, can better adapt to changing climate conditions, taste even more flavorful, are juicier, crispier, bear more fruit per plant, thus conserving our resources, or simply have larger fruits. For all these delicious results, we don’t need genetic engineering; we only rely on specialists with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and patience.

So, when you take a bite of our apple, enjoy our mandarins, or prepare a salad with our tomatoes, rest assured that all these fruits are as nature intended. Enjoy them!

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