Thinking better with blueberries?

Thinking better with blueberries?

Yes, you read that correctly. According to a British study by researchers from King’s College in London and the University of Reading in Great Britain, consuming a handful of crunchy-sweet blueberries daily can improve your memory performance and lower your blood pressure.
The scientists examined the mental functions and vascular health of 61 healthy adults between the ages of 65 and 80.
The group that consumed a drink with 26 grams of freeze-dried powder from wild blueberries (equivalent to about 178 grams of fresh berries) daily for 12 weeks “showed signs of better memory and greater mental flexibility when performing cognitive tasks,” according to Professor Claire Williams from the University of Reading.

The researchers attribute the positive effects on the brain and blood vessels to the intensely blue pigments, called anthocyanins. So, there’s one more sweet reason to enjoy our delicious, intensely colored blueberries. And the great thing is, these anthocyanins are not only found in blueberries but also in many other fruits and vegetables that we offer. Enjoy them all and stay healthy.

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