Sun-ripened tomatoes in a natural bag!

Sun-ripened tomatoes in a natural bag!

Times are changing at SanLucar. The delicious Tomato Kisses and Praline Tomatoes from sunny Tunisia are now available in the environmentally friendly natural bag, too. It’s made entirely of paper, can be completely recycled and keeps the tomatoes fresh for a long time. »We’ve already had excellent experience with this great bag with our grapes and cherries and have been able to avoid a whole lot of plastic,« says Nuria Pizán, Brand & Creative Director at SanLucar.

Hello Nature, Hello Partner

For us as a company, environmental awareness is a top priority, because nature is our partner. For many years now, we have been working on new packaging strategies that are particularly geared towards sustainability. And our success proves us right. Through innovations such as the natural bag or the natural bowl, we have succeeded in saving over 770 tons of plastic in recent years.

The source is the secret

Starting with the inner values of the stylish packaging! From November to May, the tomatoes come from the oasis »El Hamma« in Tunisia. There, the sun-ripened tomatoes not only enjoy the sun – which shines three times as often as in our country – but also the special water that flows there.

Surrounded by palm trees, a more than 60 °C hot thermal spring bubbles with many minerals. We add this mineral-rich water to our irrigation water, which makes the tomatoes especially flavorful.

With the waste heat of the thermal spring, the temperature of our tomatoes is kept constant even on cold nights and can save a lot of energy. Thanks to the abundant sunshine and low humidity, pests are a rarity – as are pesticides.

An oasis for people and nature

All of our tomatoes are lovingly cared for in »El Hamma«. Only when the fruit is hanging on the vine ripe and is it harvested. And not only the tomatoes feel good and do well there. We support the future of Tunisian children and their families with various social projects. This is the idea behind our motto »Living and Working in Harmony with People and Nature«.

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