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The right tomato for every occasion

The right tomato for every occasion

Bland, flavourless fruits? That was yesterday! In our oasis in Tunisia – thanks to countless hours of sunshine and a unique mineral mix from a 1200m deep thermal spring – many different tomato varieties grow into real treats. And there’s the right tomato for every taste and occasion!

  • Snack: Their size and their unique taste make our mini tomatoes an optimal snack. Eat between meals without any remorse!
  • Indulge: select delicacies, which also pamper the palate!
  • Cooking: Our tomatoes can’t cook themselves. But they can show you how soups, sauces, casseroles and pizza can be refined simply and aromatically.
  • Salads: Our Ruby and Caprese Tomatoes are the ideal salad tomatoes. With their balanced aroma and their sliceable flesh, they make every salad a masterpiece!

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