The SanLucar Academy South Africa

The SanLucar Academy South Africa

If SanLucar asks us what is particularly important to us, we all agree: fruit and vegetables with the best flavour. This isn’t by chance, but only through working in harmony with man and nature.

That is why not only our sweet fruits are so dear to our hearts, but health and education, too – especially in regard to children and adolescents. And because so many places in the world are lacking in this, we have started a great number of projects: because young vegetables are simply our specialty!

The SanLucar Academy South Africa is one of these projects. The “Amazing Brainz” programme was developed especially for South African rural areas; for preschool teachers of children between 3 months and 5 years old. This is a great thing – because educators learn how to prepare the children for school in a way that they look forward to it. So for us, it was clear that we would finance the “Amazing Brainz” training for the teachers of our Speelskool, the kindergarten on our farm in Rooihoogte! After about two years, it was completed in November 2016 – and with overwhelming success! Because learning is much easier for our kids now. One of our children – little Amore, who is now in the first grade, for example, is the best in his class!

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