Jam for Arche Kids

Jam for Arche Kids

Remember? The last week before your summer break always had a very special kind of magic. The grades have all been given, the lessons were no longer important and the joy of doing nothing for a long time carried you through the remaining days. That’s still the case today. This is why our campaign fit with the mood before the big summer holidays to well: we made the most delicious jams from 15 kilos of our fresh blueberries, raspberries and peaches together with the kids of the »Kinder und Jugend Arche (Children and Youth Ark) Karlsruhe e.V.«. The excitement in the kitchen was huge – and not only because of the upcoming summer vacation. The children washed the fruits, pureed them and then cooked them exactly to their own taste. OK – not every piece of fruit made it into the jam jars.

Our peaches, blueberries and raspberries were simply too delicious not to try. A few fruits quickly disappeared into the mouths of a few children. But that didn’t matter. In the end, the kids had filled 34 jars with homemade jam.

A really sweet start to the vacation season! And we were also happy to spend a wonderful afternoon with the kids of the »Kinder und Jugend Arche Karlsruhe e.V.«.

Because the kids who visit the Arche after school don’t always have it easy in emotional and financial terms. Therefore, we are happy to support them, as we did last year with protective mats for bouldering. The happy faces of the children are definitely worth it.

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