Small drop, big impact

Small drop, big impact

Because water is so precious, we use modern irrigation techniques on our farms in Tunisia. This enables us to reduce water consumption in a sustainable way.

Water recycling and rainwater utilization

In our tomato oasis in Tunisia, there are special channels called drainages. The water that is not absorbed by the plant is collected in it, then processed and used for the next irrigation. In this way, 30 percent of the water is recycled and saved. On our raspberry and strawberry farm in the north of Tunisia, we collect rainwater in a 7000m3 basin.

Droplet irrigation

We also have small weather stations on our farms. They measure water evaporation, temperature,

solar radiation and wind. Taking into account the weather forecast, a computer program calculates the optimum water requirement for each plant. Thanks to this ingenious system, our plants receive exactly the amount of water they need to thrive by means of economical drip irrigation. This way, not a drop of water is wasted.


Our goal is to save even more water. This is why we work together with the CERTE Research Center. Our philosophy is “Taste in harmony with people and nature”. And water is an important activity area in our DREAMS program.

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