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Ice, ice, baby

Ice, ice, baby

Attention all you SanLucar fans! May we introduce? Our incomparable SanLucar fruits are now also available as ice cream for scooping!

Only the best ingredients and selected, sun-ripened fruits of the season are used for SanLucar’s “Farmers Ice Cream”.

New: The unfrozen fruit pieces in the ice cream are just as juicy and delicious as you’re already familiar with from all our fruits, which gives our ice cream a special touch – thanks to our new and patented production process.

Five different kinds are waiting for you – strawberry, pomegranate, hazelnut, raspberry and mango.

The best part?

With our five creamy fresh flavors, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone, because our ice cream is not only free of preservatives and lactose – but is also vegan!

If you like our delicious fruit, you will love our ice cream!

Taste for yourself.


  1. Ömer Yilmazer Reply


  2. Lella Anna Rosa Reply

    I’m interested in fresh fruit and vegetables. I live in New York s as far would like to find this product.

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