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We give children a future!

We give children a future!

We firmly believe that education is the guarantee for a great future. That’s why we support children from needy families so that they have the same learning conditions at school as their classmates.
At the beginning of September, together with the non-profit organization Coordinadora Solidaria, we distributed backpacks with pens, notepads and a calculator to a total of 163 children and young people in Valencia. The children come from socially disadvantaged families who also visit our solidarity kitchens in Valencia.
Also in Tunisia, on our farm “La Cinquième Saison”, 394 pupils and students were happy to receive a load of school material. Pads, pencils and rulers were distributed during the “Festival of Knowledge”. This celebration marks the beginning of the new school year every year.
Costa Rica
In Costa Rica, together with our pineapple-growing partner, we bought tables, chairs and computer screens for a primary school in the countryside, assuring that the children here also have the best conditions for good learning.
And in Puebloviejo we began our tutoring program for the second time. Throughout the year, the children who have learning deficits receive four hours of tutoring per week in language and literature as well as in mathematics.
During the Corona pandemic, educational inequality was particularly obvious. Not all children had access to the Internet or their own computer and could participate in online classes. We are therefore pleased that we were able to make a contribution to more educational equality with our commitment.

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