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The sweet taste of the Sahara

Karamell-Datteln – der Zauber der Sahara

Through great dedication from our experienced master growers and large amounts of sun, our creamy sweet Caramel Dates thrive magnificently in the oasis on the edge of the Sahara. They love the sun and warmth here more than anything. We let our dates of the Deglet Nour (“Finger of Light”) variety ripen for up to ten months and only pick them when they are golden and have developed their mild caramel flavor. “Such a fine-tasting fruit needs natural cultivation,” says picker Yaro. “To protect the fruit from parasites, we carefully cover it with fine-mesh netting. And if our dates do happen to be attacked by pests, natural predators are always used first and foremost.” After harvesting, our dates are pitted and preserved only with heat, without additional sugar. Because only in this way you can taste the mild, creamy sweetness of the Sahara.

Karamell-Datteln – der Zauber der Sahara


Our dates come from Tunisia, because date palms like aridity […]

Country of origin:
Our dates come from Tunisia, because date palms like aridity, low humidity and lots of sunshine. Their roots, up to six meters long, must have access to groundwater.

Dates are best kept in a cool place. Due to their high sugar content, they keep well. They will keep even longer if you pack them airtight and store them in a dry place in the refrigerator. And they’ll still taste heavenly even after months.


Tips and special features:
You can eat our creamy-sweet Caramel Dates simply plain as a snack between meals. They are also great as a sweet addition to salads and are a delicious treat when fried or baked in a coat of bacon. Some people also use dates for sweetening. Dates are rich in dietary fiber and have many minerals and vitamins. Because they are so nutritious, they are also called the “bread of the desert.”

The date palm is one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. It is said to have been grown as early as 6000 BC. Researchers assume that they originated in the Afro-Asian dry zone from Morocco to Pakistan and in the area around the Persian Gulf. They were an important food for nomads and caravans on their long desert journeys.

Vitamin C (mg/100g) 3 mg
Vitamin E (mg/100g) 2 mg
Potassium (mg/100g) 650 mg
Calcium (mg/100g) 63 mg
Magnesium (mg/100g) 50 mg
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Our unsweetened, pitted Caramel Dates taste fine and creamy and are full of sunny sweetness – such an exquisite delicacy.