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Why can product quality vary?

Why can product quality vary?

We are very sorry if you have had bad experiences with any of our fruits. But those who work hand in hand with nature know that there can be no 100% guarantee of delicious fruit! Sometimes the weather just upsets our plans and is not as good as we would like for our fruit. Nevertheless, it helps us to know exactly what particular fruit it is, where it was bought and what its lot number is.

This lot number, which consists of several numbers, can be found on the packaging, usually on the back. With it, we can trace the path of our fruit and find out why it did not have the usual quality. This also helps us to eliminate some problems. Without more detailed information we cannot say why the fruit was bad and can do nothing about it. From sowing, all the way to the delivery of our fruit to supermarkets, we have very strict quality guidelines. Our Master Growers take care of the plants and fruits with passion and expertise. They nurture them by giving them everything they need for healthy growth.

They control their sugar content, and only when the fruits are really ripe are they carefully picked. Afterwards, they are checked several times and only the best are packed and can start their journey – ideally cooled – to the supermarkets as SanLucar fruits.

When they arrive there, they are again closely scrutinized. If any defect is found, the fruit will not be accepted. So if you find our SanLucar fruits in the supermarkets, they have also passed these strict market controls. This is because we want you to take home only the best fruit and vegetables from us.

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