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Fruits with the Smile Factor

Fruits with the Smile Factor

If you eat a lot of fruit, you’re not just doing something for your health, but also for your mood!

Lately, I’ve been noticing that a girlfriend of mine was in such a good mood. My first thought was that she had recently fallen in love. And with this weather, this could be the only explanation.

So I carefully approached her on this and asked her just what was going on: »Yes, I’m in a pretty good mood now. Nothing to do with a man. It’s my new breakfast recipe. Every morning, I eat delicious cereal with fruits, which somehow have a smile factor. Just the right thing in these cold winter weeks, when we all are gloomily waiting for the spring!« Me: Okay – I’ll try it and if I don’t grin all day, you’re in for it. But before starting, it’s better to read up on this to see what’s behind it:

Bananas, pineapples, papayas, kiwis and contenders immediately boost the spirits. Not only because they are super delicoius, but because they are full of substances that strengthen nerves and the psyche.

These tropical fruits contain not only important vitamins and minerals, but also a serotonin precursor. From this, a hormone is formed in our body that makes us happy!

Incidentally note of mine: Lot of the good mood stuff is found in the fully ripened fruit and where is it? Exactly!!!