Goat Cheese à la SanLucar

Goat Cheese à la SanLucar

Have you ever combined goat cheese with peach? This is a combo that never would have occurred to us. But fortunately we have Star Chef Rolf Straubinger on our side! And he recently created a salad for his guests at Burg Staufeneck. And since he knows the ins and outs of flavour combinations, he knew very well that both ingredients go together marvellously. And he’s now put all this on a green salad with sunflower seeds and green asparagus. Delicious! Just hearing this made our mouths water. Yours too? OK – grab your cooking spoon and off you go. Because as always, we were able to talk him into giving us the recipe. Bon Appetit!

The Vitamin Boost – Goat Cheese, SanLucar Peach, Romaine Lettuce, Lettuce Hearts, Sunflower Seeds and Green Asparagus

Appetizer for 4

4 slices Goat cream cheese each 25g
120g Fresh goat cream cheese
16 Slices of marinate SanLucar peaches
1 SanLucar Salad Hearts (plucked into leaves, washed and spun)
1 SanLucar Romaine Salad (plucked into leaves, washed and spun)
80g Basic vinaigrette
20g Caramelised sunflower seeds
8 Spears of green asparagus (blanched, each cut into 3 pieces)
25g Brown sugar

Goat Cream Cheese Cream – Basic Recipe

250g Fresh goat cream cheese
100g Cream cheese
50g Milk
20g Olive oil
A pinch Fresh thyme
Sea salt, Piment D´espelette

Shortly beat the cream cheese with milk, olive oil and the spices in a whipping basin or with the whisk until creamy and season with thyme and the herbs.

Marinated SanLucar Peaches – Basic Recipe

10 Pieces of peaches (ripe, firm, peeled and sliced)
40g Sugar
½ Vanilla pod
2 Cardamom pods
1 Clove
30g Ginger
1 Small chili pepper
1l Peach juice
30g Chardonnay vinegar

Caramelise the sugar, deglaze with the peach juice, boil the sugar caramel, add the spices and simmer the vinegar for about 10 minutes. Pour the peach slices into a sterile disposable jar and infuse with the stock – leave to marinate for 24 hours.

Peach Vinaigrette

80g Basic vinaigrette
40g Peach stock marinade
Mix both liquids well!

Sprinkle the goat cheese slices with sugar and caramelise with a Bunsen burner.

How to serve:
Decorate the plate with the whipped goat cream cheese. Marinate the asparagus pieces and salad hearts with the peach vinaigrette. Arrange all the ingredients together on the plate and decorate with the caramelised sunflower seeds.

Note: The recipe for sunflower seeds is the same as for nuts!

Foto© Philipp Sedlacek 2017

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