A heart for bees and lemons with edible peel

A heart for bees and lemons with edible peel

When the fruit trees begin to blossom in the spring in southern Spain, our hearts always open wide up. Whole regions of the country are then dressed in white.

In this enchanting springtime, we rely on a lot of helpers on our plantations: Bees.




Because only when the “furry” little insects fly busily from flower to flower to collect pollen for their offspring, can they pollinate the flowers so that fruit can form afterwards. No bees, no fruit! That’s why we naturally do everything we can to make the little buzzers feel perfectly comfortable in all our fields.

So we only employ beekeepers who lovingly take care of the little fellows.

They set up beehives and also look for new queens, so that new bee colonies can be created.

And as soon as our trees are in bloom, we only use biological substances, if necessary. These are completely harmless to the insects. And all these products are registered and therefore legally permitted. We also treat the trees only at night so as not to disturb the busy bees collecting pollen.
We also think it’s amazing. Because every pollinated blossom is a deliciously flavorful fruit after many warm hours of sunshine. Thank you, dear little bees!

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