Bees just love our blueberries

Bees just love our blueberries

“When blueberries start to bloom in May, I hear a tireless buzzing in the fields everywhere. It is simply too wonderful to see and hear the little bees flying around,” says our master blueberry grower Peter Soltau happily.

We’ve done a lot to make the busy insects on our German berry plantations feel really at home. Because the truth is as simple as it is sad: no bees, no berries.

Employees become bee experts

For us, bee protection begins with the training of our employees: That’s why our German quality experts have a certificate of competence in plant protection and thus also in bee protection. They know exactly what agents are harmless to bees and when they may use them.

Bee paradises

We have also set up retreat areas for the bees on the plantations. Not only do many different wild flowers bloom there in the most wonderful summer colors, but there are also bee hotels or piles of rubble to where the little buzzers can retreat.

And then our bee friend Peter Soltau has launched a very special project:<> . Friends of the small, hard-working helpers can lease an agricultural area from a German producer, which then becomes a flowering meadow. And on this meadow you’ll be able to hear a tireless “buzz, buzz, buzz” from spring until late summer.


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