Sweet sun to go!

Sweet sun to go!

Who hasn’t experienced this? Your stomach growls quietly. Your momentum isn’t there. It’s already too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. What are you going to snack on? How about a sandwich? Too heavy. Chocolate? Too sweet! For all those who’ve been there, here’s our Fresh Cut offer. This is our best fruit and the juiciest pieces of it, cut by hand and packed in convenient trays. Of course, all natural, without preservatives, without sugar, but prepared with loving care.

For example, our wonderfully exotic, flavorful pomegranate seeds, where the sun rises with every bite. Or our sun-kissed pineapple, cut into perfectly sized pieces.

Not to mention our wonderfully refreshing berry mix of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Only the best, fully ripened berries find their way into our trays.

Or our sweet and juicy fruit mixes, some refined with fine vanilla yogurt and always perfectly balanced in the mixture.

All kinds of varieties are waiting for the long break, the small or large hunger or the sunny picnic. Because our fruit is really exceptionally delicious. Our growers take care of every single tree and bush with love and dedication. They constantly control their growth, rely on natural pest control and harvest the fruit only when the sugar content is optimal.

Only then are the fruits carefully harvested and sorted out by hand by experienced pickers and then selected again so that really only the flawless fruits can go on the road well chilled. Berries from Germany, juicy grapes from Italy or mango and pineapple from the tropics – Mother Nature and we have made a real effort creating this selection of the best fruits.

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