The most beautiful dreams in a magazine

The most beautiful dreams in a magazine

Having dreams is wonderful and realizing them is even better! We at SanLucar help small and big dreams come true. In our newly designed DREAMS magazine, we tell you about them and how we were able to realize them – with our social DREAMS Initiative and also with our partners’ active help.
Probably the biggest dream of our DREAMS story came true at the end of 2019. Shortly before Christmas, a taxi-bus drove to our Citrus Farm Rooihoogte and the jubilation of our employees was huge. For such a long time, they had wanted a bus to take them to town for shopping and doctor’s visits or to take their children to kindergarten. The purchase of the bus was made possible with donations from our retail partners.

But even the small dreams wish to be fulfilled and make our employees and their families happy.

For example, we give tutoring in mathematics and language/literature to students in Ecuador and we support a therapy center for children in Austria and in Germany called the “Kinder und Jugend Arche Karlsruhe e.V.”.

When the Corona pandemic broke out in the spring of 2020, we were faced with completely new challenges virtually overnight. The supply chains could not be allowed to collapse, our truck drivers had to be taken care of and we also had to think of an alternative for the visitors to our Solidarküchen (Solidarity Kitchens) in Valencia.
Our DREAMS Magazine is filled with all these big and small, emotional and touching stories. And it is also an exciting look back at what we achieved together with our partners in 2019 and 2020.
And you can download our DREAMS Magazine here.

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