3 million kilos of CO2 saved with grapes

3 million kilos of CO2 saved with grapes

In Apulia, in the very south of Italy, the sun almost always laughs down from the sky. In this warm and dry climate our deliciously sweet, crispy grapes grow and thrive – lovingly nurtured and cared for by our master growers, the Giulianos. And the abundant sunshine here not only pampers our grapes, we’ve also reduced 3 million kg of CO2 with our solar systems in the last 4 years. And we are looking forward to cutting much more.

For many generations, the Giulianos have been growing grapes and every day they are grateful of the fact that nature gives them so many delicious things. And so are we! Our motto is: “The best taste – in harmony between people and nature”. That’s why we work with nature and not against it. Thus, the Giulianos have done much more to protect our environment.

Drip irrigation
Our vines receive what is termed drip irrigation. This means that a computer calculates how much water the plant really needs and exactly this amount of water is given directly to the vine by droplets. The water seeps through the soil to the roots, it doesn’t evaporate, and we save a lot of the precious resources!

Scent traps
“Insects are useful.” The Giulianos know that very well. Should pests ever spread on the grape plantation, they do not resort to chemical agents. They hang scent traps that attract the pests. And the beneficial insects, including the bees, continue to buzz merrily through the grape fields.

Planting trees
Our master growers’ grape plantation is located very close to a large nature reserve with a diverse fauna and flora. Here, the Giulianos make sure reforestation is consistent, so that the original Mediterranean landscape with its plants and animals is preserved.

3 million kilograms less CO2
Between 2011 and 2013, we installed thousands of solar modules on halls and park roofs. The electricity generated is used to supply the cold stores where the grapes are stored until they reach Germany. In the first four years alone, the Giulianos were thus able to reduce climate-damaging CO2 by 3 million kilograms. In this way they are making their contribution to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement by 2030.

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