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School makes you happy

School makes you happy

In sunny Costa Rica, our deliciously sweet pineapples really thrive. They love it here. The tropical climate is perfect, and our Master Growers take care of the fruit with loving attention. But not only the pineapples feel very comfortable here, but the employees of our pineapple growing partner Fruver and their children, as well. And also because we are very committed here with our DREAMS program.


For example, with the expansion of the La Legua school, where 40 percent of the pupils are children of farm workers. In 2018, in cooperation with Fruver, we helped to build a multi-purpose auditorium where music and English are taught and where people meet for all kinds of events. A commitment we have also carried on with. In La Legua everything was very cramped, the school-aged children should have a good learning environment in which they feel comfortable and can focus. Therefore, we have built another classroom together with the sponsoring association »Träume werden wahr e.V.« (Dreams Come True). Now the room is ready and the lessons with happy, focused and motivated children can begin. Speaking of happy – so are we. It is a pleasure for us to support the students, because for us, a good school education is the best start into a content and self-determined life.

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