A very special kind of sweetness

A very special kind of sweetness

Roihoogte in South Africa, 28 June 2018

We always follow the mandarins, so we thought we’d show you around our Fincas Rooihoogte and Middelriver a little, where we have a total area of 77 hectares. A very special mandarin variety also grows there – the Nadorcott. Another special feature is what we term our »Monitoring System.« It always controls the moisture in the soil, so we can precisely control water consumption and not waste a drop. The Nadorcott Mandarins are a bit sensitive and are damaged more quickly by wind and have their stubborn phases. But in return, they give us an incomparably sweet, fruity and aromatic taste and melt on our mouths. And you can peel them easily without getting sticky fingers. Our quality expert Eusebio also has a sweet tip: »In the summer, just refrigerate the freshly harvested Nadorcott a little – they’re absolutely delicious chilled«.

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