The pears with the red cheeks

The pears with the red cheeks

Whenever our quality expert Winfried Schuster inspects our pear trees on Lake Constance, he gets red cheeks – just like the pears hanging from the trees. This may be due to the excellent Alpine foothill air, but it is also because of the joy the fruit gives him.

Here, in the mild climate of Lake Constance is where delicious pear varieties grow. To become particularly tasty, the pears need fertile soil, plenty of sunshine, sufficient irrigation and a noticeable change in day and night temperatures. Winfried examines how the fruits have developed, tests their sugar content and whether the fruit meet our quality standards.

Because we have very specific ideas about this: the pears should taste sweet and be full of juice. In addition, their flesh should have a buttery-creamy consistency and a balanced sugar-acid ratio. And of course, we like pears best when they have red cheeks.

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