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Presenting: The SanLucar Apricot

Presenting: The SanLucar Apricot

Growing SanLucar Apricots

  • What is aromatically sweet, has a velvety soft skin, yellow-orange fruit flesh and is simply a part of the warm season? Correct: The SanLucar Apricot! The fact that we are able to eat them from early to late summer anytime we like can be attributed to our experienced grower partners in sunny Spain, France, South Africa, Turkey and Italy. For SanLucar, they choose only the most flavourful and aromatic varieties and allow the fruits to grow in harmony with nature into sugar-sweet apricots.
  • Since apricots post-ripen, it is important to know the ideal harvesting time. That’s why we measure the sugar-acid content before picking. And only when the sweetness is just right do our experienced pickers get to work.

How to store apricots properly

  • If you like the SanLucar apricot particularly sweet, it should be stored at room temperature and allowed to soften. Then it gets ripe faster, the acid decreases and the sugar content rises. But don’t wait too long: they taste best if they already yield to light pressure. And when it’s ready to eat, do so quickly! 😉
  • Are you not planning to eat the apricots immediately? Simply put them in the refrigerator – because they’ll stay cool for a longer period of time. The important thing is that you take them out of the refrigerator on time. The sweet fruits develop their full aroma at room temperature.

Interesting facts

  • Apricots are far more than small peaches. The fruits are full of vitamins, e.g. provitamin A, vitamin B1, B2 and C to name a few, and are rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Plus: as the delicate fruits do not drip when bitten into, they are the ideal food for snacking right out of your hand.
  • The apricot belongs to the family of rosaceae and has its origin in the north-east of China and parts of Korea, where it was cultivated around 1000 BC.

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