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Summertime mood thanks to juicy sweetness

Summertime mood thanks to juicy sweetness

Especially when combined with Parma ham, it’s a well-known delicacy and not only ensures us great summertime feelings: the delicious SanLucar Galia Melon. Did you know it’s not a fruit despite its sweet taste? At 23 kcal per 100g it’s a vegetable and is related to the cucumber. But that’s just an aside. What you really should know about our SanLucar Galia Melon, we’re going to tell you now!

Growing SanLucar Galia Melons

  • The Galia Melon loves to be pampered by the sun. The fact that it feels comfortable in Spain was obvious! To ensure that it gets everything it needs, we have the taste-intensive melon variety grown only by experienced growers in harmony with nature. So we get to feel the summer on our tongue from April to September, no matter what the weather is like.
  • The time of harvest plays an important role for the Galia Melon, because it’s a post-ripening fruits. For this, we measure from SanLucar their Brix value, i.e. the sugar content. If it’s 13 degrees, it can be picked. Then the melon can post-ripen and achieve its best flavour. 

How to correctly store Galia Melons!

  • Yummmm… Galia melons taste so juicy-sweet when they’re truly ripe! Just store the fruit at room temperature for this. That’s how they’ll post-ripen best.
  • You can figure out whether it’s ripe or not quite easily: If it emanates an intense melon aroma or if it has sugar spots on the rind or small cracks at the stem neck, you can then dig into the delicious fruit. Then it has reached the perfect ripeness for eating and should be finished off as quickly as possible. Bon Appetit! 🙂

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