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Apples – a true natural pharmacy

Apples – a true natural pharmacy

We are really looking forward to the new apple harvest! Crispy fresh, juicy fruit from the tree! Simply too tasty and so incredibly healthy:


– In two studies, British and US scientists have found that apples can effectively reduce the harmful LDL cholesterol and thus protect against arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction and stroke. The pectins contained in the apples are responsible for this. They bind the bile acid and withdraw it from the metabolism, whereupon the liver extracts cholesterol from the blood for bile acid regeneration.

– The pectins, indigestible fibre, have other health benefits too: they bind large amounts of water, ensure a long lasting feeling of satiation, regulate the digestion and the blood glucose level.

– Apples also contain quercetin, a yellow natural dye from the group of polyphenols. According to a study by scientists from the New York Cornell University, this protects against Alzheimer’s and cancer and improves memory performance.

Now you know why we are looking forward to the fresh harvest! The well over 100-year-old saying is as true as ever: »An apple a day keeps the doctor away«.

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