La Dolce Vita à la SanLucar: The SanLucar Grape

La Dolce Vita à la SanLucar: The SanLucar Grape

Would you have liked to stay a week longer on your summer holiday? Where the sun always shone and life was simply perfect? We at SanLucar believe that the Dolce Vita can also happen right at home – you just have to know how: Try it with our SanLucar Grapes. They are really delicious and bring the sweet life back to your home. This is how they get their superb taste:

Growing SanLucar Grapes

  • For us at SanLucar, intensity of taste is everything. This is why we only work with traditional growing partners such as the Giuliano family from Bari, who attach the greatest importance to cultivation in harmony with man and nature. Likewise, we grow our SanLucar Grapes only where the best growing conditions are found: in the mild Mediterranean climate as well as in Chile, Brazil, South Africa, India and Peru. Through plenty of hours of sunshine and a special soil in combination with the years of experience of our growers, our grapes get extra sweet, juicy and exquisitely crispy.

  • To ensure that the fruits get a few additional sunrays – and thus more sweetness – the vines are pruned and thinned regularly. In addition, reflective stones in the soil ensure that the fruits get heat and light from below, as well.
  • Only the most aromatic fruits are harvested by hand for SanLucar and carefully placed in punnets in order to not destroy the natural protective film of the skin – the pruina.
  • We also know: of course, the best eating is natural eating! That’s why, like all our SanLucar fruits, we regularly have our our grapes inspected by independent state institutes for possible residues – which makes the taste experience even sweeter.

How to properly store your grapes

  • Grapes are among the non-climacteric fruits, so they don’t ripen after harvesting. For storage at home, we recommend keeping the sweet fruits in the fridge until ready for consumption. In this way, they keep about a week.
  • Place the grapes in a closed container. In this way, you can prevent the them from taking on the smell of other refrigerated foods.
  • And when you want to eat them: take the grapes out of the fridge (about 30 minutes beforehand), because they taste best at room temperature! 😉

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  1. Glenn Couvillon Reply

    I’ve just purchased 2 bags of the white grapes. They’re the best I’ve ever had and I consume a lot of grapes. Wonderful!

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