We’re setting an example in Ecuador

We’re setting an example in Ecuador

Mercy Noemi is all smiles: »Finally – I get it,« she calls and then runs to the other children at recess. Mercy Noemi has just come home from math class. At the Primary School Seminario Miguel Suarez in Puebloviejo, Ecuador, 30 children are having their first holiday tutoring session today. And they’re thrilled. »It’s wonderful to see the children catching on,« says Francisco Barros, headmaster and teacher of the primary school. In Ecuador, quality education is not a matter of course.

Public schools often lack the money and time to provide individual support to pupils with learning difficulties. The ones who suffer are the children, who then often have difficulties with reading or calculating. This is now a thing of the past at Mercy Noemi’s school. Students are taught in small groups twice a week for two hours. In this way, they acquire knowledge so that they do not lose touch with their class. Jennifer Heer, Corporate Responsibility Director at SanLucar: »We are very proud of this program.

Everyone should have the same opportunities. And most important of all – everybody can have fun learning.« The lessons are financed through donations that we collected at the Berlin fair »Fruit Logistica«.

The mother of one of the students confirms: »Such projects haven’t existed in the district of Puebloviejo for a long time and it is great to have the support of SanLucar«.

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