Sweet and crisp – grapes from the equator

Sweet and crisp – grapes from the equator

We at SanLucar are endlessly curious. We like to research, and we also like to discover – for example, the best grape varieties for our growing regions.
In Ecuador, we tested and found the best grape varieties for a sunny and dry coastal climate.
»We’re like jugglers keeping a lot of balls suspended in the air at the same time,« says Wil Lemmer, Variety Manager at SanLucar. »We plant, test, discard then start all over again. Until we finally have achieved premium quality grapes.«
All we can say is: great juggling and mission accomplished! Our grapes from Ecuador not only taste heavenly sweet, but are super crisp, too.

This is due to the very best varieties, of course, but also because we pamper our grapes so much. We pack each individual grape umbel in paper bags. And with drip irrigation, we save loads of water.

And because we want to be kind not only to our grapes and nature, but also to the people who so lovingly care for our fruit, we pay our growers and pickers fairly. And we support them with many social projects of our DREAMS initiative. That’s why our grapes from Ecuador taste sweet to everyone.

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