Lantern Festival at Flor'Alia

Lantern Festival at Flor’Alia

El Alia, Tunisia, 31 January 2018

Isn’t it delightful? At our farm Flor’Alia in Tunisia, small lanterns hang everywhere in the fields! The red-coloured raspberries with the beautiful name Adelita are now being carefully harvested there. The fragrant fruits are particularly large, have a delicate shine and are characterized by their superior shelf life.

After harvesting, the plants are pruned so that they repopulate and form buds. And after many beautiful hours of sunshine, the red lanterns shine at Flor’Alia again.

Two more raspberry varieties are being grown on the farm now, so SanLucar can deliver the delicious fruits all year round. Incidentally, 90 percent of them go to Germany. We are greatly looking forward to seeing them!


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