Presenting: The SanLucar Lemons

Presenting: The SanLucar Lemons

All you fans of fruit in the kitchen, listen carefully! We have the absolute all-rounder for you that we can highly recommend for squeezing, baking, cooking and for beverages: our SanLucar Lemon. Its peel is no longer conserved after harvest – therefore, you can eat it with a clear conscience. Just so that you know exactly with whom you are dealing with, we have put together the most important aspects concerning our lemons for you.

Growing SanLucar Lemons

Here at SanLucar, we are only satisfied with the very best flavour – and our fruits are only grown in the best cultivation regions in the world. In the case of our lemons, it’s Spain, Argentina, Chile and South Africa. Here, they get exactly what they love the most: a uniformly warm and humid climate, lots of sun and fertile soils. With the ultimate care by our experienced growing partners, they thrive there on forever green trees, turning into refreshing delicacies with juicy-sour fruit flesh.

For our lemons to taste just as delicious as freshly picked for our customers, we have particularly strict growing guidelines. This means that we cut the ripe fruit with scissors directly at the stem base. This way, we can prevent the protruding branches from injuring the neighbouring fruit. We then place them in cushioned buckets to protect them from excessive pressure.

After our fruits are harvested, they must pass several quality controls. Carefully and rigorously, we check to see if the fruits have even colouring. We sort out fruits with peel defects right away so that they are not offered for sale.

The absolute all-rounder Lemon – you can use it for all of this and more!

Add a little freshness to the salad? Here you are: just replace the vinegar with lemon juice!

Our SanLucar Lemon is also great as a little refreshment in your beverage: just cut it into small pieces and spread them out on a baking tray and freeze them. Fill the loosely frozen pieces in a freezer bag. Remove from the freezer when you need them and put into your drink, for example, in green tea, lemon water or other beverages.

Need an all-purpose cleaner? Just grab one of our lemons! Because their juice is an ideal lime remover and cleaning solution. 🙂

Add a little lemon juice to the dishwasher. It’s not only a fantastic fat remover, but also lends your dishes a wonderful smell.

Even sliced ​​fruits such as avocados and apples love lemon. If you splash a little juice over the cut open areas, they won’t turn brown.

Interesting facts

Lemons are the vitamin C classic par excellence: 100 grams of lemon already provide half of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. If this isn’t a bonus point! 😉

The original home of the lemon is probably a region between India and Pakistan. The Arabs first brought the fruit to Spain, from where they eventually came to the Caribbean through Spanish explorers of America.

Due to their natural acidity, lemons remain fresh for up to three months.

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