Sweet refreshment for hot days

Sweet refreshment for hot days

Today, we want to introduce you to one of our fruits again. Thanks to its low sugar content and high water content (up to 95%!), it’s not just the summer hit for figure-conscious people. It’s as refreshing as a big scoop of ice cream, a cocktail and a swim in the pool all together – and it also sweetens the warm summer months for us. We’re talking about our SanLucar watermelons. We’re now going to reveal to you who eats them, where they come from, and what makes them so special!

SanLucar watermelon growing

  • Watermelons are sun gods. The fact that they would feel right at home in sun-drenched southern Spain was obvious to us. Our growers have specialized in the cultivation of the green summer fruit here. And because practice makes perfect, thanks to years of experience, they know exactly how to make the red flesh of the round wonders incredibly juicy and particularly sweet. How nice we can have them all summer – because the harvest time runs from April to September!
  • Since the watermelon is not a fruit that post-ripens, it must be harvested fully ripened. At the beginning of the season, it is still difficult to determine the maturity of the fruits from the outside. But thanks to the slicing open of melons, our Master Growers from Almería can easily check whether the melons are ripe yet. Then they are gently picked by hand and sorted. The longer the season runs, the safer it is to harvest perfectly ripened watermelons.

The knock test: Ripe-test for the watermelon?

The widespread knock test to determine the ripeness is not a very safe indicator, since it only determines the current tension of the flesh. Only at the end of the watermelon harvest does a hollow, dull sound show that the pulp has no more tension and has probably already collapsed and is overripe.

How to properly store your watermelon!

Open melons and fully ripe fruits should be stored in the refrigerator at approx. 8 to 10° C and consumed quickly, as they spoil quickly. Although the melon does not really feel good in the refrigerator, since it loses its flavour and the takes on taste of other foods. The best way to keep open melons is in plastic wrap so they won’t dry out.


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