Smooth skin with fruit and vegetables

Smooth skin with fruit and vegetables

Smooth, rosy, wrinkle-free skin – you’d love to have it forever. Unfortunately, however, even science has not yet developed any tricks for preserving youth. However, there is probably a diet that inhibits the development of wrinkles. Skin specialists from Erasmus University in Rotterdam found this out in a study with 2700 female and male participants (average age 67). As it appears, regular consumption of fruit and vegetables has a positive effect on the skin – at least in women. Those who ate a lot of vegetables, fruit, nuts, olive oil, fish and water had fewer wrinkles than those who ate red meat, snacks, pizza, soft drinks, cola and alcohol. For example, flavonoids and carotenoids from plant food could slow down the skin’s ageing process caused by sunrays. However, this did not seem to have any effect on men. In the case of men, the skin does not benefit from a healthier diet. Well, even if fruit and vegetables don’t make men more beautiful, a kitchen with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is always healthy and tastes absolutely delicious. One more thing: keep away from

cigarettes! Smoking women had 38 percent more wrinkles than non-smoking women.

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