Crunchy Sweet Cherries – the best cultivars selected for you

Only the biggest and sweetest cherries can be SanLucar Cherries. Therefore, they ripen for a long time on the tree and are harvested with the optimal eating ripeness. But selecting the right cultivars is also critical. Only those that pledge the best appearance, full taste and long shelf life are worth considering to us. So that there can be exquisite SanLucar delicacies from November to February and from May to August, they come during the German season from the Lake Constance and the rest of the year from our growing partners in Spain, Italy, Turkey and Chile.

Availability and origin of SanLucar Cherries

Spain: May - July, Italy: May - July, Turkey: June - September, Chile: November - February, Germany: July - August, Argentina: November - Febuary, USA: August - October, Canada: August - October


Sweet Cherry range

Spend the summer at home with our sweet Picknick- (Picnic) or Familienkirschen (Family Cherries).

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