If you like tomatoes, you are going to love ours!

We offer the red taste wonder all year round, so that German and Austrian fans can enjoy these ripe and tasty delicacies any time of year. SanLucar exclusive specialities are the Oasen-Tomaten (Oasis Tomatoes) from Tunisia. From every cultivation area we have selected particularly tasty cultivars.

The right tomato for the right time: Only at SanLucar

So that you can always find the proper cultivar, we have assigned our red treats in one of the four categories: cooking, snacking, spoiling and salad. Click on aromatic Tomatoes range and learn more about our cultivars and confections.

The best cultivation area for every time of year

Our red delicacies come in the German season (June-October) from our expert grower Theo Germes. He grows this delicious fruit in his greenhouses in Lower Rhein. In addition, we have also exploited a unique cultivation area: SanLucar Oasis. Over there the harvesting period goes from November to April. Between the campaigns transition our fresh fruit comes from certified contract growers in Spain and the Netherlands.

SanLucar Oasis in southern Tunisia

In SanLucar Oasis, 450 kilometres south of Tunis, our delicious fruit ripen when in northern Europe there are storms and it snows. But there is much more to learn about the Secret of Oasen-Tomaten (Oasis Tomatoes) Taste.

Availability and origin of SanLucar Tomatoes

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SanLucar Oasis in Tunisia

Tomatoes, as you have never eaten before – from our own cultivation land, where we combine sustainability with the best taste.

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  • Aromatic tomato range

    No matter if they are salad, snacking, cooking or spoiling – we have the right tomato for the right time!

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