Powerfruit to feast on

Powerfruit to feast on

Avocados are very much in vogue. No wonder. The dark green fruit with the nubby skin counts among the so-called superfoods. Many nutrients – in particular polyunsaturated fatty acids – are supposed to make them so valuable for our bodies. Beyond that, they also taste wonderfully flavourful. With their fine aroma and creamy consistency, they are suitable for all kinds of dishes: as a dip, as a topping in salads, as a pesto for pasta, as an addition to smoothie, as a filling for wraps, and even for making ice cream. Everything is simply delicious and there are no limits to one’s gourmet fantasy. We at SanLucar grow our Hass avocados in Spain and Peru.

We provide the delicate fruits with everything they need to become truly delicious. Before we harvest them, we check their fat content. Only when this is high enough do we begin to harvest the avocados by hand. We carefully cut the fruit from the tree with their stem intact. In this way, we ensure that the fruit is not damaged and that no germs can spread.

After all, the avocado should arrive undamaged and in top quality. Avocados are climacteric fruits, which means that they still ripen after harvesting. You can get our avocados in two different degrees of ripeness. These are clearly the best pre-requisites for even more great dishes with the superfruit, don’t you think?

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