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The secret of opulent growth

The secret of opulent growth

Huelva, 19 January, 2018

That looks kind of out of this world, you might think. Or is it art? »No, these are tunnels and they’re quite normal – our sweet strawberries grow in them,« reveals SanLucar quality expert José Saorin.

»In the tunnels, in Huelva, southern Spain, the aromatic fruits thrive – well protected with comforting warmth and can be harvested as of the end of November,« he says.

»The climate, lots of sun, fertile soil and best varieties are crucial for their superior flavour. The sensitive little plants don’t like the grey days and cool temperatures at all.« He is currently checking how our strawberries develop and continuously keeps the retailers in Germany and Austria about up-to-date – and, of course, us too: »Well, if things go as sweetly as the have been, we figure that we can harvest a whole lot of juicy, red strawberries by May/June. And they’ll definitely taste out of this world.«

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